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I received my bread box yesterday & it is the most beautiful bread box I have ever seen!  It is so attractive & so well made.  I just love it!  Thank you so much.  Mary Ann Wise

Hi Jim,
Thats ok.  The breadbox still came yesterday and is absolutely beautiful!
Thank you!

Mr. Ginter:
I received the black over red with wheat tin punched cover bread box on Friday – exactly as your email said it would be delivered.  IT IS GORGEOUS!!!!
It’s bigger than I thought it would be, the paint is gorgeous (red matches our kitchen perfectly), and the wheat punched front is rustic and perfect! Your product is great and I love it!
Thank you for your timeliness and thoroughness with my order.  The shipping material was so secure and the box was in great shape when we received it. 
Thank you again and we will enjoy the breadbox for many years to come.
Mary Wolfe

I just wanted to say I received my bread box today and it is beautiful, thank you! 
Marla Goodman

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 Jim.... thank you so much!  My replacement breadbox arrived yesterday afternoon in PERFECT condition.  I absolutely love it and am so excited to be using it and displaying it in my kitchen.  Your craftsmanship is wonderful!  I also can't thank you enough for your thoughtfulness and professionalism (and speed!) in dealing with the issue of the first breadbox being damaged.  You are great!  I will be referring all of my friends to you when they notice my gorgeous breadbox and want one of their own. :)

So far nobody from UPS has wanted to inspect the first damaged breadbox and its packaging.  Should I continue to keep it as is in case they want to have a look but just haven't yet, or would you like me to send it back to you? 

Just let me know what the next step should be.

Thank you so much!!!!


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